Born in San Francisco to parents who met while actors at the acclaimed Pasadena Playhouse, Craig Lachman grew up with dinnertime stories about classic theatre and films.  In the seventh grade, he and a friend teamed to create a comedy and magic show that was very popular on the weekend birthday party "circuit."  Then, by the time Craig was a high school senior, that little show had grown to a money-making full-stage comedy and magic revue that toured with a cast and crew of twelve.  He played eight wild characters a show.

In college, at the University of Puget Sound in Washington and the University of California at Davis, he was an active performer in campus and semi-professional theatre while taking a degree in geology/geophysics.

In between volcano and oil-industry field assignments, Craig performed in revues and plays.  After moving to Los Angeles, he studied with several leading teachers and coaches and played supporting and leading roles in regional theatre and films as well as dozens of television commercials and industrials. Although mainly an actor, he also served variously as writer, production manager and producer of industrial and feature films and plays.

Craig was tempted away from his full-time pursuit of the performing arts by a then-new technology, the World Wide Web.  Throughout this period, he stayed active in the theatre and, at the request of old friends, traveled to LA to act in a variety of filmed and taped projects.

After an eight-year hiatus as a successful businessman, Craig Lachman returned to the entertainment business and acting.  In the past two years he has appeared on television over a dozen times on The Bravo Network's Independent Film Channel and has taped two pilots (including one produced by Paul Guay, scribe of Liar, Liar, The Little Rascals and Heartbreakers).  An avid pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings, Craig is now married and living in Los Angeles.  He also serves as a consultant to technology and media companies.

He claims that he's never had so much fun in his life.